We will take a near look at its features and design and find out why it’s said value for money, In the Marcy me 709 recumbent exercise bike review. Sometimes a workout power the hardest part get moving to another area of the city and exercising among other people at the gym first thing in the morning or after a very long day. 

According to the Harvard health publication, storytelling biking has many advantages over joints for better and improved blood circulation, bone density, and increased muscle mass compared to other aerobic exercises.  As a recognized practice bike company, Marcy works great to bring fresh, innovative, and updated products. 

The Marcy-709 recumbent bike comes with a great price and great features for indoor practice. How officially is the Marcy ME-709 recumbent exercise bike? Is this a worthy exercise bike for your home? Let’s find it out.

Resistant Of Marcy ME-709 Recumbent Exercise Bike:

Resistant Of Marcy ME-709 Recumbent Exercise Bike:

LCD monitor: Time, speed, distance, calories, Odometer
Battery: 2AA (not included)
Inseam length: 27″-36″ 
Product dimension: 55.5″*25*37.5*
Product weight: 61 lbs
weight capacity: 300 lbs

Features Of Marcy ME-709 Recumbent Exercise Bike

1. Adjustable seat     

2. LCD computer display

3. Adjustable resistance

4. recumbent handlebars

5. pedal with safety straps

6. Transport Wheels

We are discussing and reviewing this for help to know about Marcy ME-709 recumbent exercise bike

1. Adjustable Seat

Adjustable Seat

The Marcy ME-709 recumbent exercise bike seat can be adjusted so that your legs get proper stretching as your pedal. It could be soft and suitable for your exercise. The adjustment of back height and seat depth gives you a personalized ergonomic choice. The equipment includes an ergonomically designed cutter equipped with comfortable high-density foam.

2. LCD Computer Display

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Use metrics to keep track of your progress, display time, speed, distance, calories, and odometer of LCD computer. This display is made of metal and used an LCD best meter for the fast running plate. This is the best LCD computer display in the Marcy brand.

The screen of this ultra-functional LCD computer acts as an odometer and has a sharp panel display that shows the extra huge number of burn times, speeds, distances, and calories for great readability.

3. Adjustable Resistance

Adjustable Resistance

A suitable resistance handle at the bottom of the handles bar makes it easy to change the resistance in the course of your workout. This is a metal adjustable resistance for high weight. It has been needed in every diet planner girl and man. It would be awesome. It was last a long time.

4. Recumbent Handlebars

Recumbent Handlebars

The re-selected handlebars and seat back pads included with the Marcy recumbent exercise bike me-709 provide comfort during your overlong exercise bike ride. Marcy ME-709 recumbent exercise bike`s handlebars are very awesome and suitable. This is very soft and provides comfort during your long bike ride. 

5. Pedal With Safety Straps

Pedal With Safety Straps

The Marcy ME-709 recumbent exercise bike has huge textured pedals to hold your leg securely as well as your pedals. In addition, the paddle straps ensure that your feet will not slip the paddles during intense climbing. Weight pedals designed are very authentic.

It can provide maximum legs support while offering unlimited control. Marcy ME-709 recumbent exercise bike is equipped with adjustable leg straps to create the perfect fit for your feet. This will not be old within 2 years.

6. Transport Wheels

Transport Wheels

This is very easy to move your Marcy ME-709 recumbent exercise bicycle, slant the unit to the wheels of transport, and turn as needed. This bike is too easy to transfer from this place to place. Every time you can exercise and don`t hear the sound.

It is not disturbing. It also can improve your fitness and health. You can maintain health and fitness. I recommended you buy this product to maintain your weight and body fat.

How To Set Up Marcy’s ME-709 Bike?

Don`t be intimidated by the size of the bicycle. The directions in the user’s guides are extremely easy to follow and manage. Although we would recommend that at least two people be able to conduct the assembly, this bike includes easy to understand. guidelines for keeping it together. This is very easy, don`t think you will not assemble Marcy ME 709. You just try and see, it will be finished. (video)

Marcy ME-709 Buying Guide

We also say about this bike. If you`ve read the whole Marcy ME-709 recumbent exercise bike review you`ve already made up your mind. Buy Marcy ME 709 if you don`t have it and it will serve you for a long time. However, the issue of keeping water bottle holders is not a contact breaker. 

This is just an added feature for some expensive exercise bikes. So, we really don`t feel that is a big problem. Now any flaws in this product that are related to no preset workout program, we think it`s not a big deal considering the price. The bike is definitely good for buying. That was good buddy, Marcy ME-709 recumbent exercise bike review is in front of your eyes.

Customer Question And Answer:

Question: My weight is 350 pounds, this bike will make a person feel comfortable at this weight?

Answer: I am 6.4″ tall and over 400 pounds and this bike is surprisingly tough for the price. The weight limit quoted is 300 pounds. so, I think this bike is of great value.

Question: Is it sturdy?

Answer: It is sturdy. I was pleasantly surprised to see how strong and well-made it was and still is. I love it.

Question: Is it quiet?

Answer: No. Stay calm only when you don`t get a broken unit. I and several buyers experienced an unusual click noise in forwarding rotation that seemed impossible to fix on my own. Be sure to purchase an extended warranty. 

Question: What are the best features of this indoor bike? 

Answer: It is cheap with many features

Question: Is this bike powered or manual?

Answer: This bike is manual no electricity is required

Question: Is it easy to assemble?

Answer: Yes, it was very easy to assemble. I had no trouble setting it back properly if you are less than 5.4″ but you may find it.

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