The Most Complete Yoga Set – our seven-piece yoga kit has everything to get you started or take your yoga to the next level. The set includes everything you need for yoga or general exercise, including pilots. For exceptional quality and unbeatable prices, our Kit Daily Yoga has remained popular as the best yoga props accessory. 

Complete Sivan Yoga Set, Everything You Need to Get Started, 6 Piece Set Including Yoga Mat, Blocks, Leash, Towel Set, and Carrying Bag, The Perfect Gift for Yogis

Features Of Sivan Yoga Set:


Best Selling
Brand Clever Yoga
Material Foam, Cotton
Product care instructions
Hand wash only

Our best-selling yoga mat is part of the kit – the Better Grip yoga mat is extra thick (0.236mm or 1/4 inch) and is designed for maximum comfort for you during your practice, without compromising support and stability. The double-sided reversible design gives you grounding while giving your hands and feet a smooth surface for your yoga practice. And at 71.7 “long x 25.2” wide, it’s wider than the average yoga mat.

ACCESSORIES AND ACCESSORIES TO SUPPORT YOU: As well as the Better Grip mat, you’ll also get two durable foam blocks (3 x 6 x 9 inches) to improve positioning and support. An 8ft cotton yoga strap to increase flexibility and prevent injury. If you want to practice sitting at home, the complete kit is packed in a bag provided for full access and storage. Microfiber yoga towels, both mats and hand towels, for non-slip, sweat-free exercise. 

Comes in a bag. When you go to class, the bag makes it easy to transport the complete kit to and from the studio. It’s a generous size with room for spare clothes and a bottle of water

Buy Risk-Free: We just want to offer you the best to support your yoga and we want you to choose your products. If you decide that you are not satisfied with your purchase, please let us know and we will replace it or give you a full refund.

How do we start Yoga?

Experience the benefits that yoga can provide for your body and mind and clever yoga started with a passion. Our founder Eli wanted to combine his passion and faith with the promise of love-kindness and support to his clients for the benefits of yoga. Welcome to the clever addition. 

What Makes Our Product Unique?

Our products are made and designed for you by experts with many years of experience in yoga practice. For all levels of practice, we focus on high-quality products to support you on your personal yoga journey. All materials have been chosen to be environmentally friendly and kind to you.

Why Do We Love What We Do?

Our team all practice yoga and has a passion for sharing the benefits with a wider community. We want to help you get the most out of your practice, whether you have just started or have been practicing for years, we acknowledge that everyone’s yoga journey is personal.

Product Description Of Sivan Yoga Set:

Getting started has never been simpler with the 6-Piece Smart Yoga Starter Kit. We know that starting Sivan yoga set is not always an easy adventure; There are so many styles, so many poses, and so many accessories that getting started can seem overwhelming. That is why we have put together our favorite accessories in one practical kit. 

This essential set has all the necessary tools to help you master basic skills and improve and improve your practice. The entire set includes One Better Grip Lightweight Yoga Mat; A yoga strap; Two EVA foam yoga blocks; Add a microfiber mat and mat towel, a carrying suit many more. 

Clever yoga products are made for yogis and designed by yogis. for yogis. We test each product before sharing it with the world, to make sure it can withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

Extra Thick And Non-Slip Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is essential for any yogi. Our extra thick mat is designed with your joints in mind that the 6 mm pillow comfortably supports wrists, backs, shoulders, ankles, and knees. The two-sided texture prevents slipping and slipping which gives you comfort and confidence in your training.

This 7.9 ft yoga strap is a great tool for a beginner. Wearing a strap can help you get into a safe position and maintain poses while you are still developing your flexibility. It helps increase the range of motion, lengthens, and aligns your stretch.

Two Yoga Blocks

Helps you get into poses and maintain proper posture when you can’t reach. Provides a high level of support and balance to change more difficult postures. Every block measures 3 x 6 x 9 inches.

Carpet And Hand Towels

Made of high-quality, quick-drying microfiber. Absorbs sweat. Lay the mat towel (72 ” x 24 ”) over your mat for extra grip. A matching hand towel (24 x 15 inches) is great for keeping dry.

Transport Case.

The set comes with a handy carrying case to keep everything organized with additional space to store some of your own items as well. It has two sturdy handles so you can carry it with ease.


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